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Reposado is more than music, it’s a powerful movement meant to counter the distractions surrounding us”

Lead by Jean-Paul Builes on vocals, Reposado is a full 8-piece band including a 3-piece brass section

who brings all the Latin feels and robust satisfaction not common in contemporary funk acts anymore.

Curated Afro-Latin Funk, fusing iconic Delta Blues, notable Latin progressions, and extremely catchy hooks, reminiscent of musicians such as: Fela Kuti, James Brown, Fania All Stars, curtis Mayfield, Jim Morrison, Charles wright, and BB king. Reposado finds their voice centered in the crowd; By creating moments of connection and vulnerability, Reposado commands an uplifting change of atmosphere within a passive climate.

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recorded music and multimedia:

Reposado has released a 4 track EP titled “Hot and Sticky” as of February 2019 with another album scheduled for November 2019.

For a full view of their work, please visit the Reposado website:

Bandcamp, or Youtube (live video)!

social media:

Jean-Paul Builes and Reposado prove quite popular with a growing base on Instagram with over 2.5k Instagram followers.

Stemming from tours with Reposado, and his photography work featuring artists of different mediums; Jean Paul demonstrates that music isn’t removed from other art forms but rather intertwined and thriving.

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contact information:

For book inquires, or you want to reach out, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Our Manager, Devin Lee can be contacted via email:

or email Jean-Paul Builes via email: or

Thanks for your time; Salut!

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